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Sc21 - pronounced "Scandium", like the element - is used to integrate the core Coin library with the Mac OS X user interface. Sc21 is built on Apple's Cocoa framework, allowing you to take advantage of the beauty and ease-of-use of Mac OS X' application kit by using Coin from Cocoa applications.

Sc21 Features

  • 100% native look and feel

Written in Objective-C++, Sc21 makes it possible to integrate Coin visualization seamlessly into your Cocoa application.

  • Full Xcode/Interface Builder integration

Sc21 comes as a native Framework bundle; a custom IB palette allows you to drag and drop objects into your project.

  • Cocoa-based design

The design of Sc21 follows the classes in the AppKit framework as close as possible. If you are familiar with Cocoa, you'll feel right at home with Sc21.

Sc21 is not an So@Gui@ library. It provides similar functionality, but follows a different design principle (best possible integration with one specific framework - i.e. Cocoa - instead of focusing on portability).

Documentation:API documentation:

For an introduction to Sc21, take a look at the design notes, the description of the basic classes and the overview of the eventhandling system.

We presented Sc21 at our Tech Talk at the Siggraph conference. You can download the slides for the Sc21-related part or the whole talk (which includes an introduction to Coin).

Please also check out the examples included with the Sc21 distribution. They should give you a pretty good idea on how to use Sc21.


To quickly get started using Sc21, take a look at the basic tutorial, which explains the fundamentals of how to create a simple Cocoa application using Coin and Sc21, and the eventhandling tutorial, which teaches you how to add interactivity to your scene (for which you'll need to learn about the Sc21 event handling system).