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Using Coin3D

Coin itself is


Sc21 (pronounced "Scandium", like the element) is used to integrate Coin applications with the system's user interface. Sc21 is built on Apple's Cocoa framework, allowing you to take advantage of the beauty and ease-of-use of Mac OS X' application kit by using Coin from Cocoa applications

For more information about SC21, please go to the Sc21 overview page.

Quarter/Mac (with Qt)

The Quarter library is used to interface the core Coin library with the Mac OS X GUI. It is based on Nokia's Qt user interface library By using the combination of Coin, Quarter and Qt, you get an elegant and powerful solution for writing multiplatform 3D software,making it possible to port your applications between Mac OS X, Windows, and GNU/Linux by a simple recompile.

Quarter is dependent on Nokia's Qt library. Qt/Mac is the Mac OS X native implementation of Qt, which is available under both the LGPL and a commercial license development.

The source of Quarter is available from the download page. There is currently no binary distribution of Quarter available.

It is also possible to use SoQt which is our legacy Qt binding.


You can also set up and control your own OpenGL canvas and do all GL setup, event handling, etc. yourself. Obviously, this means quite a bit of overhead compared to using one of the user interface bindings.

There is a simple example explaining how to do this, based on the GL utility toolkit ("GLUT"): glutiv.cpp. To compile and run this example, do the following:

1. Open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/

2. Copy the glutiv.cpp source file to a directory of your choice.

3. Compile the example. If you have the CoinTools package installed, you can do this using the coin-config commandline utility.

$ LDFLAGS="-framework GLUT -lobjc" coin-config --build-app glutiv glutiv.cpp

4. Run the application:

$ open