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+**Save developer time using powerful software modules for real-time 3D visualization:**
+* High-level, retained-mode API for maximum programmer efficiency
+* Integrates seamlessly into the Qt development environment
+* Fully backward compatible with Open Inventor 2.1
+* Full access to source code
+* Multi-platform
+* C++ API, with bindings for Python
+* BSD 3-clause license permitting free commercial use
+**Main features of the Coin3D package:**
+* Coin, the core 3D rendering library API compatible with Open Inventor 2.1
+* Generic GLSL Shader Support
+* Generic Shadow Rendering Functionality
+* Geographical Data Support
+* Multithreading Support
+* Hard-copy vector output in PostScript format
+* TrueType font support for annotations (2D and 3D)
+* 3D sound support
+* 3D textures, multi-textures, bump mapping, Big Image
+* File import/export libraries
+* Plugin for Qt Designer (QWidget)
+* Plugin for volume rendering