The source code files under this catalog and its subcatalogs are files
that are shared outside just Coin to other SIM Coin-related projects,
like e.g. SIM Scenery, SIM Voleon, to the stable Coin-2 branch,
So@Gui@-libraries, and others.

This is done for two main reasons:

  * To avoid code duplication.

    As an example, consider what was done with OpenGL support code in
    SIM Scenery -- it ended up extremely similar to Coin's ditto.

  * To avoid having to add "inter-Coin3D"-stuff to the public API of

    Consider what was done with e.g. the OpenGL-wrapper stuff under
    src/glue/, where the public API was extended again and again -- in
    ways of no interest to application programmers -- to accommodate
    SIM Voleon and other projects.

    (The OpenGL-wrapper will probably be migrated to eventually lay
    under this directory.)