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2012-10-21 Martin Taendl <taendl@gmx.at>

Bitbucket cannot automatically merge this request.

The commits that make up this pull request have been removed.

Bitbucket cannot automatically merge this request due to conflicts.

Review the conflicts on the Overview tab. You can then either decline the request or merge it manually on your local system using the following commands:

hg update 
hg pull -r default https://bitbucket.org/taendl/dimeforktaendl
  1. Martin Tändl

I am new to bitbucket and mercurial and hope that this pull request is suited for the following purpose:

I tried to fix four bugs in dime, but I am not sure if my fixes are o. k. and I would like to have them reviewed by someone familiar with dime. The bugs and the fixes are described in the commited files and I also created some minimal DXF-files for reproducing dime's behaviour I regard es being wrong. Furthermore, I found and described two more "bugs", but could not fix them.

Of course, I will modify the cpp files as far as required (removing fprintfs and comments etc.) and remove the test files and README's before the final pull request.

If I should have used another method to report these bugs, please let me know!

Thanks in advance, Martin

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