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Add two CMake files in order to create the Dime library.

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  1. Damien Garaud

Hi there,

I need Dime as a dependency in my project. I'm using CMake to compile my project under different OS (GNU/Linux & Windows). An easy way to add the Dime library to my project is to use CMake with the useful feature 'External Project' (see http://www.kitware.com/media/html/BuildingExternalProjectsWithCMake2.8.html).

Thus, the first step was to write CMake files for Dime. I wrote just two CMake files, i.e. CMakeLists.txt, in order to create a very simple static Dime library ('.a' under GNU/Linux and '.lib' under Windows).

I tested the compilation under GNU/Linux and Windows. It works ! CMake generates a few Makefiles under GNU/Linux. Under Windows, it generates a Visual Studio solution. Moreover, I can tell you that the compilation under Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 works well.

Help yourself if you think that the Dime compilation with CMake is useful.

Cheers, Damien G.

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