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SoGtk is a GTK+ toolkit library for using Open Inventor with GTK+.  It
has been developed as a replacement library for InventorXt for GTK+ users.
SoGtk should work equally well on top of Coin (SIM's Open Inventor clone),
SGI's Open Inventor, and TGS' Open Inventor.

To build SoGtk, you need the following libraries:

  - GTK+ <URL:http://www.gtk.org/> (glib + gtk).
  - The GtkGLArea widget <URL:http://www.student.oulu.fi/~jlof/gtkglarea/>.
  - An Open Inventor implementation.

Although you can contact the author directly, please use the coin-discuss
mailing-list for SoGtk-related questions.  Information on the coin mailing-
lists can be found on the support page at <URL:http://www.coin3d.org/>.
To browse previous discussions on coin-discuss (to see if the subject has
already been discussed), look up the coin-discuss mailing list archive at

To generate the SoGtk API documentation yourself, you need the Doxygen
utility.  The documentation is also available online at the Coin web site,
at <URL:http://www.coin3d.org/sogtk-docs/>.

  Lars J