SoXt is an alternative to SGIs InventorXt library, which is a GUI binding
for using Open Inventor with Xt/Motif.  While SoXt has been developed for
use with Coin, it is also possible to compile it against Open Inventor
from SGI or TGS.  A goal is to eventually become 100% source code
compatible with the InventorXt library, which is still way off, especially
when it comes to creating derived classes.  


Installing SoXt is a matter of running the configure script with the right
options, getting it to pass all its tests, and run "make install" afterwards.
These two phases has each a set of common problems which will be gathered
and described below.

The Configure Phase (running SoXt/configure)

The file INSTALL contains generic information about running the configure
script.  It's a good idea to have read that file one time or another, but
it's the same file as in every other autoconf-based project and this one
contains no extra information.  Anyways, here are some common problems:

* configure immediately tells you it can't find the source files

  My guess is that you are trying to run configure from a separate build
  directory, and you have started SoXt/configure with a relative pathname
  that traverses some symbolic link.  Configure doesn't handle that, so
  you can either cd into your build directory using the hard path, or you
  can use the absolute pathname for SoXt/configure

* configure doesn't find Coin (or coin-config)

  To detect Coin, configure looks for the script called coin-config, which
  is installed in bin/ where you installed Coin.  You do probably not have
  that bin-directory in your PATH variable, so configure won't find where
  it is.  The solution is to either add {Coin-prefix}/bin to $PATH, or you
  can run SoXt/configure with the "--with-coin={Coin-prefix}" option.