ARK-3 eCFW for the PS Vita.


  • Full compatibility with PSP home brews and games.

  • ISO and CSO support through the Inferno ISO Driver as well as compatibility with the M33, ME and NP9660 drivers.

  • Compatibility with PSX games under PSP exploits with partial sound through PEOPS.

  • Partial compatibility with PSX exploits.

  • Compatible with up to firmware 3.52

  • Built in menu with advanced features like PMF playback, FTP, CFW settings and more. It is also compatible with other popular menus such as ONEmenu and 138Menu.


  • Coldbird for his work on the core of ARK.

  • Liquid Snake (aka liquidzigong aka hrimfaxi aka virtuous flame) for his work on the core of ARK.

  • neuron for his work on the core.

  • qwikrazor87 for his kernel exploits and overall work on the core of the system.

  • WTH/Yosh for his contributions to the project.

  • Total_Noob for his help with PSX exploits.