No, I'm Not Trying to Resubmit the Form

Issue #10 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

"Looks like you're trying to resubmit the form. Instead, go back to the upload page, and submit it again." what the site tells me, but it tells me on my first upload. I can't use this site if it continues to do this!

Windows 8.1, Google Chrome. I have AdBlock on if that helps.

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  1. Comentarinformal repo owner

    Hey there! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hm, this is weird. I got in my logs that you were able to edit your skin's information without any problems, which means that you should've been able to edit the skin just fine. Also, I just tried editing one of my skins, and it was successful.

    That error appears when you try to upload/edit a skin with a form that you have already used and/or a different IP. Maybe you went back on the history to edit the skin, and Chrome didn't refresh the page? Or you opened it in two tabs, in some weird way?

    In fact, could you try again, just to be sure that it keeps happening? Just click here (while logged in, of course).

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