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Hello! I've been trying to upload my skin for a significant amount of time now (currently 2 hours+) and the website is still only displaying this screen:

I understand it says ''Your skin is being uploaded right now. This may take a few minutes.'' and whatnot, but surely it shouldn't take THIS long? :P I don't have a slow internet connection. The only field/file i didn't fill in the upload was the link to the Skin Forums, as i currently don't have a thread on there. I submitted the download as an .osk file so there shouldn't be any problems there either. Is there perhaps something currently wrong with the servers on your end? Would appreciate a response :) - xDarkon

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  1. Comentarinformal repo owner

    Hey there, xDarkon! Sorry for the wait.

    Well, this is quite a trouble. I don't have any petition of upload registered from you. This could mean two things; either the server screwed up at some point and didn't register your petition at all, or the form failed (which would be more likely).
    Some questions to help understand the problem:

    -Can you remember what icon did you see on the chrome tab while it was uploading? Was it my favicon, a spinner like this, or something else?

    -What information did you put on the title and version fields?

    -What did you write as the tags of the skin?

    -It's impossible that it left you go without any, but I'll ask just in case: Did you select any gamemode?

    -Did you (try to) upload a thumbnail too?

    The rest of the fields are optional, so not writing a link to the forums (by example) doesn't matter.

    I'm sorry for the trouble :(

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