I want to upload a 60mb skin

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Anonymous created an issue

I want to upload a skin that is 60mb. I tried to upload it but then an error appeared saying that the maximum is 60mb and to upload 90mb you need to donate. I already looked evreywhere for the donation button or where to donate. I hope you can help. Thank you.

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  1. Comentarinformal repo owner

    Hey there.

    That part is a leftover from when I was hosted somewhere else and I was paying hosting off my budget. I'm no longer 'allowed', so to say, to have donations. (although the domain cost would be nice...) Email me your username (or use the same email that your osuskins account) and a screenshot of the skin file in question, and I'll allow it on your acc. (Also keep in mind it's 60MB exactly; if it's any more than that, even 0.4, it will still fail.)

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