Development environment support for Notepad++ editor and 64tass cross-assembler

  1. Installation of 64tass syntax highlighting.

    Go to Language > Define your language... Then select Import... and select 64tass-highlighting.xml file available in this repository.

    From now, on each open file, you can enjoy the 64tass syntax highlighting.

  2. Setting up Function List for 64tass.

    Open function list config file to edit: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\functionList.xml.

    2.1. Add parser to <parsers> section from functionList.xml file available in this repository.

    2.2. Add association to <associationMap> section from functionList.xml file available in this repository.

    2.3. You have to re-open Notepad++ to see the changes. Function List window can be enabled from top menu: View > Function List.

    For the given examples:

    • rts
    • rti
    • ZP = $54
    • dinosaurFunction
    • start .word 5
    • ; just a comment
    • .word $5008

    these functions are matched by regex pattern and displayed on Function List:

    • ZP
    • dinosaurFunction
    • start
  3. TagsJump plugin which allows jumping to routines in editor by clicking on the called routine / function name.

    3.1. Download TagsJump plugin.

    3.2. Unarchive and install the plugin by moving the TagsJump folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins.

    TagsJump plugin works this way: first, mouse click on any function call (e.g. jsr myFunction) and press ALT + Q.

    If definition does not exist, you will be asked to generate definitions. In the next window, check Assembler and the root path to your project.

    Then, on the next ALT + Q selection over the selected function call you will be redirected to a function.

    To go back, use ALT + BACKSPACE.

    You have to regenerate all definitions after creating a new routine / function.

    Two files will be created in your project directory: tags and tags.idx with all indexed function locations. Add these files to .gitignore if you don't want to commit them.

  4. Compiling and running.

    4.1. Download NppExec plugin.

    4.2. Unarchive and install the plugin by moving the NppExec folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins.

    4.3. Now, by pressing F6, NppExec window will pop out. In this window you can define commands and save under a specific name, e.g. "Compile & run my lovely project".

    For more details, check npp-exec-example.txt which contains not only compilation but also running Vice emulator afterwards.

    So, if you use Vice emulator and want to run it automatically after compiling, you can use Kick Vice script for running your projects (you will need kick-vice.bat and kick-vice.vbs.