What is this repository for?

The vCenter Driver is code written to integrate PlexxiCore with the Openstack Policy engine Congress. It allows congress to create and populate tables with data gained from vCenter for use in future Polices.

Currently this driver and this repository still in the earliest stages of development and only pulling basic information from vCenter. This will be expanded in future updates.

This driver was originally written using pyvmomi and vConnector to connect with vCenter, that version of the driver can be found here. This version of the driver removes the need for additional dependencies by using oslo.vmware to connect to vCenter, which is included in openstack installs by default.

How do I get set up?

You will first need congress installed to use the vCenterDriver. If you do not have Congress, you can find it with installation instructions at

Once you have congress running:

1) Add the file to your datasources folder in congress


2)Modify your datasources.conf that your congress server is using to use the vCenter Driver. In a standard devstack install this will be



username: vCenter_username
password: vCenter_password
auth_url:  vCenter_URL
max_vms: The maximum number of VMs to be pulled from vCenter
max_hosts: The maximum number of hosts to be pulled from vCenter

After the driver has been configured, data from vCenter should be visible through the congress API.


The files included in the Tests folder are designed to be used on the machine that congress is running on. To execute tests, place the two files found in the Tests Folder in


When the testing files are in place as well as the main driver you can the command below to test the driver

python -m unittest test_vCenter_driver.TestvCenterDriver

The output should look similar to

Ran 1 tests in 0.008s


Who do I talk to?

You can contact me at