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mirak98 created an issue


When I try to access a comic from, I can't bypass their CloudFlare. I don't know if it's a problem with my phone, settings or if it's a known problem.

Second problem I have is the Search function. It just searches for mangas I've already added. Shouldn't it search from all my catalogues even if I haven't added the mangas in my library?

I'd be very thankful for your help.

Best regards

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  1. CrazyXacker repo owner

    @CheckmateShieeet which version of MWX you used? if, then try beta 9.23 (you can enable beta versions in settings). in this version RCO is working as mentioned.
    About search. It only can do search in your library. Global search is not available for now.

  2. mirak98 reporter

    Thank you for responding so fast!

    I used and changed to beta but it's not working for me so I think it's a problem related to my phone and the root on it, but thanks for the suggestion.

    And I hope you implement global search in the future.

    Thank you for you time!

    Best regards

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