missing a few mangas

Issue #34 resolved
joseph peace created an issue has some manga that won't show up in mangawatcherx for example if i run mangawatcherx go to catalogue batoto sign in successfully search for any of these: Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Nonbiri VRMMOki

i wont find a match no matter what terms i use HOWEVER if i go to with a browser sign in search for those mangas and copy their url (respectively) and paste it in the add manga from link box mangawatcherx will find them

hope this helps (btw i dont know the difference between parser and parser engine, so i just choose parser as component)

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  1. CrazyXacker repo owner

    @joseph_peace Catalogs are local "offline" site copy. so it can't get new mangas without manual catalog update made by my hand. i'm updating them once for 2-4 weeks. so, you can wait new update to get new mangas or simply add that manga via link.

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