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Pontus created an issue

Hi, I noticed that mangas added through the MangaEden or MangaPark repos show ".5" chapters before the "real" ones.

So for example it lists 4.1 or 4.5 before 4, which causes problems reading some mangas.

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  1. Pontus reporter

    I was looking for a chapter sorting setting in the settings, found it from clicking on the pencil while in a manga (in case anyone else reads this), Thanks for letting me know.

    But I noticed now that it only works perfectly with clean chapter names for example "Manga Chapter 2" and "Manga Chapter 2.5" But when they have numbers or ( ) [ ] after, it goes bad, so "Manga Chapter 2.5 chapter name (2)" comes before "Manga Chapter 2 chapter name"

    The ones I tested was "Tales of Demons and Gods" with MangaEden and MangaPark to see chapters with (2). And with "To Love-Ru Darkness" I saw the ( ) [ ] always coming before the normal chapters.

    A fix would be nice, but it seems sorting chapters by date works for most new mangas, so that's what I think I will use when chapter orders are weird. Thanks again for mentioning the chapter order setting. :)

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