Issue #234 new

update TbThumbnails to match yii version 1.1.7

Gustavo Salomé Silva avatarGustavo Salomé Silva created an issue

new code should be:

 * TbThumbnails class file.
 * @author Christoffer Niska <>
 * @copyright Copyright &copy; Christoffer Niska 2011-
 * @license New BSD License
 * @package bootstrap.widgets


 * Bootstrap thumbnails widget.
 * @see
class TbThumbnails extends TbListView
     * Renders the data items for the view.
     * Each item is corresponding to a single data model instance.
     * Child classes should override this method to provide the actual item rendering logic.
    public function renderItems()
        echo CHtml::openTag($this->itemsTagName,array('class'=>$this->itemsCssClass))."\n";
        $data = $this->dataProvider->getData();
            echo CHtml::openTag('ul', array('class'=>'thumbnails'));
            foreach($data as $i=>$item)
                if($j++ < $n-1)
                    echo $this->separator;

            echo '</ul>';
        echo CHtml::closeTag($this->itemsTagName);
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