Problem with languages on Phundament

Andrzej Ambroziewicz avatarAndrzej Ambroziewicz created an issue
  1. I suggest to change in files:

    crisu83/yii-bootstrap/widgets/TbBreadcrumbs.php - line 48:


    $content = CHtml::link(Yii::t('zii', 'Home'), Yii::app()->homeUrl);


    $content = CHtml::link(Yii::t('zii', 'Home'), $this->controller->createUrl(Yii::app()->homeUrl));

which would help if you have custom urlManager

  1. /vendor/crisu83/yii-bootstrap/widgets/TbNavbar.php - line 79:


$this->brandUrl = Yii::app()->homeUrl;


$this->brandUrl = $this->controller->createUrl(Yii::app()->homeUrl);
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