Bug when rendering textFieldRow in tabular input

Ivaylo Ushev avatarIvaylo Ushev created an issue

When rendering textFieldRow in tabulat input after row 23 in file 'BootInputHorizontal.php' attribute is changed. This happen because function 'getContainerCssClass' in class 'BootInput' call CHtml::resolveName which change attribute from '[1]name' to 'name'. May solution is change function getContainerCssClass like this:

 * Returns the container CSS class for the input.
 * @return string the CSS class.
protected function getContainerCssClass()
	$attribute = $this->attribute; // create copy of attribute to avoid changing original
	CHtml::resolveName($this->model, $attribute); // this function return get_class($model).'['.$attribute.']', hasErrors expect only attribute
       	if ($this->model->hasErrors($attribute)))
		return CHtml::$errorCss;
		return '';

This will prevent changing attribute and textFieldRow is rendering well.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    In file BootInput.php "CHtml::resolveName($this->model, $attribute)" return "get_class($model).'['.$attribute.']'. Function "setError()" expect only "attribute", not "modelclass[attribute]". Тherefore "CHtml::resolveName($this->model, $attribute)" should outside and pass to "setError()" - $attribute. For me this issue is still not resolved.

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