codeigniter-qpanel-library by Serafim Junior Dos Santos Fagundes Cyb3r Network

Version 1.0

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2010 Serafim Junior Dos Santos Fagundes Cyb3r Network


codeigniter-qpanel-library is a CodeIgniter library for generating double walled
HTML div's for finer margin control and elimination of padding usage. It uses
the codeigniter-xhtml-library for sub components and classes.


# In the controller...
# --------------------
# Load the library.

	$this->load->library( 'qpanel' );

# Get a qpanel object; Necessitates an id for the outerwall
# ---------------------------------------------------------
	$sId = 'myQpanel';

$qPanel = $this->qpanel->get( $sId );

# The qPanel is a div within a div; the inner div as the class 'innerwall'
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
# The inner wall can be reached with the public property 'innerwall'

$qPanel->innerwall->style( 'margin', '10px' ); // Better than a padeding usage

# The library uses the MLObject delivered with the codeigniter-xhtml-library
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Go check out codeigniter-xhtml-library
# Qpanel integrates with the Xhtml library

$xContainer->append( $qPanel );