django-selectable / tox.ini

downloadcache = {toxworkdir}/_download/
envlist = py26,docs,py25-1.2.X,py26-1.2.X,py25-1.3.X,py26-1.3.X

commands = {envpython} selectable/tests/
deps = django>=1.4

basepython = python
deps =
commands =
    {envbindir}/sphinx-build -a -n -b html -d docs/_build/doctrees docs docs/_build/html

basepython = python2.5
deps = django>=1.2,<1.3

basepython = python2.6
deps = django>=1.2,<1.3

basepython = python2.5
deps = django>=1.3,<1.4

basepython = python2.6
deps = django>=1.3,<1.4
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