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Issue #13 open

Fix error message

Raul Chong
created an issue

People who sign using Open ID sometimes forget they used these method to log in, so they click on the 'Reset password' link, and get the error message below.

The message should be clearer to indicate they probably logged on using Open ID by clicking on the Google, Facebook, Yahoo or ChannelDB2 buttons in Big data or DB2 University, and that they should use this same method to log on again. Big data or DB2 University cannot be used to reset passwords on Google/Facebook/Yahoo/ChannelDB2 accounts.


======================== Hi XXXXX,

Someone (probably you) has requested a new password for your account on 'DB2 University/Big Data University'.

Unfortunately passwords can not be reset on this site, please contact the site administrator,

Big data and DB2 University Team administrator@db2university.com

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