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+Fork information
+This fork adds a getPixel(x, y) method to the Canvas object. I created this out of my annoyance with the current method of obtaining pixel data, which is to create a full ImageData object and
+run setPixel() on that. This adds an incredible load if done frequently, such as in the draw loop, but for my purposes I really needed to test pixel data for each frame. The method I've devised
+does not create a significant framerate drop on my system, even when performed in every iteration of the draw loop.
+`r, g, b, a = Canvas:getPixel( x, y )`
+[number][number] x
+> The position of the pixel on the x-axis.
+[number][number] y
+> The position of the pixel on the y-axis.
+[number][number] r
+> The red component (0-255).
+[number][number] g
+> The green component (0-255).
+[number][number] b
+> The blue component (0-255).
+[number][number] a
+> The alpha component (0-255).
+###See Also
+* [ImageData:getPixel](
+* [Canvas](
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