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love-canvas_getPixel / src / libraries / Box2D / Collision / b2TimeOfImpact.h

* Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Erin Catto http://www.box2d.org
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* warranty.  In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
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#include <Box2D/Common/b2Math.h>
#include <Box2D/Collision/b2Distance.h>

/// Input parameters for b2TimeOfImpact
struct b2TOIInput
	b2DistanceProxy proxyA;
	b2DistanceProxy proxyB;
	b2Sweep sweepA;
	b2Sweep sweepB;
	float32 tMax;		// defines sweep interval [0, tMax]

// Output parameters for b2TimeOfImpact.
struct b2TOIOutput
	enum State

	State state;
	float32 t;

/// Compute the upper bound on time before two shapes penetrate. Time is represented as
/// a fraction between [0,tMax]. This uses a swept separating axis and may miss some intermediate,
/// non-tunneling collision. If you change the time interval, you should call this function
/// again.
/// Note: use b2Distance to compute the contact point and normal at the time of impact.
void b2TimeOfImpact(b2TOIOutput* output, const b2TOIInput* input);