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love-canvas_getPixel / src / libraries / Box2D / Dynamics / Contacts / b2ContactSolver.h

* Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Erin Catto http://www.box2d.org
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* warranty.  In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
* arising from the use of this software.
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#include <Box2D/Common/b2Math.h>
#include <Box2D/Collision/b2Collision.h>
#include <Box2D/Dynamics/b2TimeStep.h>

class b2Contact;
class b2Body;
class b2StackAllocator;
struct b2ContactPositionConstraint;

struct b2VelocityConstraintPoint
	b2Vec2 rA;
	b2Vec2 rB;
	float32 normalImpulse;
	float32 tangentImpulse;
	float32 normalMass;
	float32 tangentMass;
	float32 velocityBias;

struct b2ContactVelocityConstraint
	b2VelocityConstraintPoint points[b2_maxManifoldPoints];
	b2Vec2 normal;
	b2Mat22 normalMass;
	b2Mat22 K;
	int32 indexA;
	int32 indexB;
	float32 invMassA, invMassB;
	float32 invIA, invIB;
	float32 friction;
	float32 restitution;
	int32 pointCount;
	int32 contactIndex;

struct b2ContactSolverDef
	b2TimeStep step;
	b2Contact** contacts;
	int32 count;
	b2Position* positions;
	b2Velocity* velocities;
	b2StackAllocator* allocator;

class b2ContactSolver
	b2ContactSolver(b2ContactSolverDef* def);

	void InitializeVelocityConstraints();

	void WarmStart();
	void SolveVelocityConstraints();
	void StoreImpulses();

	bool SolvePositionConstraints();
	bool SolveTOIPositionConstraints(int32 toiIndexA, int32 toiIndexB);

	b2TimeStep m_step;
	b2Position* m_positions;
	b2Velocity* m_velocities;
	b2StackAllocator* m_allocator;
	b2ContactPositionConstraint* m_positionConstraints;
	b2ContactVelocityConstraint* m_velocityConstraints;
	b2Contact** m_contacts;
	int m_count;