Daniel Arber  committed 5f67cfa

fix to size of hex board if window/screen width is less than expected

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  - Rule to provide starting squares: no, distributed, central(-4pl), random? 
    (should +1 turn for each player, to work with adj rule)
  - Animate pop somehow so chains are clear (otherwise just jumps to final result), using jQuery UI?
- - Support for non-square boards?
  - AI
  - Some way of saving the game (I'm thinking output some form of JSON text file?)
  - 'Live' play: players selects a few tiles, dividing power between then, time plays and chages them up until a pop
+ - Clean up the growing number of magic numbers in the code
 					$row.css('display'    ,'table-row');
 				} else if(boardType == boardTypeOpts.HEX) {
 					$row.css('display'    ,'block')
+					    .css('width'      ,(boardSize*3)+'em')
 					    .css('margin-top' ,'-0.42em');