Denis Darii committed 4578241

added nginx_client_max_body_size and additional_packages parameters

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+Version DEVEL
+* Added client_max_body_size nginx server configuration
 Version 0.0.10


         location / {
+                client_max_body_size %(nginx_client_max_body_size)iM;
                 proxy_pass   http://%(gunicorn_bind)s;


     env.repository = ''
     #  hosts to deploy your project, users must be sudoers
     env.hosts = ['root@', ]
+    # additional packages to be installed on the server
+    env.additional_packages = [
+        'mercurial',
+    ]
     #  system user, owner of the processes and code on your server
     #  the user and it's home dir will be created if not present
     env.django_user = 'django'
     ### START nginx settings ###
     env.nginx_server_name = ''  # Only domain name, without 'www' or 'http://'
+    env.nginx_client_max_body_size = 10  # Maximum accepted body size of client request, in MB
     ### END nginx settings ###
     ### START supervisor settings ###


         errors.append('"nginx_server_name" configuration missing')
     elif verbose:
         parameters_info.append(('nginx_server_name', env.nginx_server_name))
+    if 'nginx_client_max_body_size' not in env or not env.nginx_client_max_body_size:
+        errors.append('"nginx_client_max_body_size" configuration missing')
+    elif not isinstance(env.nginx_client_max_body_size, int):
+        errors.append('"nginx_client_max_body_size" must be an integer value')
+    elif verbose:
+        parameters_info.append(('nginx_client_max_body_size', env.nginx_client_max_body_size))
     if 'supervisorctl' not in env or not env.supervisorctl:
         errors.append('"supervisorctl" configuration missing')
     elif verbose:
 def _install_dependencies():
     ''' Ensure those Debian/Ubuntu packages are installed '''
     packages = [
-        'mercurial',
     sudo('apt-get install %s' % ' '.join(packages))
+    if 'additional_packages' in env and env.additional_packages:
+        sudo('apt-get install %s' % ' '.join(env.additional_packages))
     sudo('pip install --upgrade pip')
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