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updated CHANGELOG.rst with the last changes

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+Version devel
+* changed the name of nginx config file according to nginx_conf_file
+* changed the name of supervisor config file according to supervisord_conf_file
+* now upload supervisord_conf_file also in deploy task
+* added supervisor_program_name configuration
+* set nginx_client_max_body_size default to 10
+* set requirements_file default to: join(env.code_root, 'requirements.txt')
+* improved the feedback on _supervisor_restart
 Version 0.0.13




     ### END nginx settings ###
     ### START supervisor settings ###
+    #
+    # default: env.project
+    env.supervisor_program_name = env.project
     env.supervisorctl = '/usr/bin/supervisorctl'  # supervisorctl script
     env.supervisor_autostart = 'true'  # true or false
     env.supervisor_autorestart = 'true'  # true or false
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