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django-vostok: django application to admin Vostok network


django-vostok is a django application which allow you to admin the Vostok network of satellites.


There are a few different ways to install Vostok:

Using pip

If you have pip install available on your system, just type:

pip install django-vostok

If you've already got an old version of Vostok, and want to upgrade, use:

pip install -U django-vostok

Installing from a directory

If you've obtained a copy of Vostok using either Mercurial or a downloadable archive, you'll need to install the copy you have system-wide. Try running:

python setup.py develop

If that fails, you don't have setuptools or an equivalent installed; either install them, or run:

python setup.py install

How to use Vostok?

If you have already installed Vostok, you must proceed with the configuration of your satellite.


First of all you must configure...