============================================================== django_fagungis_testproject: efortless django-fagungis testing ============================================================== How to test? ============ First of all you must prepare a server with your favorite linux distribution properly installed and running. Clone this repository: ``$ hg clone ssh://`` create a test environment: ``$ virtualenv /tmp/testenv`` activate it: ``$ source /tmp/testenv/bin/activate`` install all requirements: ``(testenv)$ pip install -r requirements/project.txt`` On the server create a "sudoer" user and change the env.hosts value in the project file according to your user and ip. Configure your domain to point to your server and set the env.nginx_server_name in the OR you can simply add a line in your /etc/hosts like: ``<server-ip> fagungis.test`` example: `` fagungis.test`` Start test setup from the root of the test project: ``fab fagungis_test setup`` during this process you can see all the output of the commands launched on the server. At some point you may be asked for some information as django user password(if django user did not exist before). At the end of this task you must view a message saying that the setup successful ended. Now open the browser and navigate to your domain or to http://fagungis.test If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them here: