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Marquee all the things!

First, start by adding elements to your page. Just like any other normal day:

<h1>This is a test</h1>

Then, make everything better with marquee:


There are some configuration options also:

// initialise the speed
marquee('h1', { 
    speed: 250, // default speed = 1000, set speed to 4x
    freezeDelay: 1000 // freeze for a second once one marquee iteration is complete

Also, marquee can detect whether the text fits in it's container using the measureText for the canvas 2D context:

// only make a marquee if the text overflows
marque('h1', {
    checkOverflow: true


Initial implementation was done using Canvas 2D Text, but looked crap on High Density Devices. Has been dropped back to a simple DOM implementation for the moment.