1. Dan Connolly
  2. blackknightcap



blacknightcap -- object capability support for python

  • money_ex.py: object capability rights amplification example: simple money
  • ocap/__init__.py: object capability support (package)
  • ocap/encap.py: lexical scoping for encapsulation
  • ocap/sealing.py: E's Rights Amplification mechanism
  • ocap/guard.py: soft typing
  • ocap/lafile.py: least-privilege interaction with the filesystem
  • ocap/laweb.py: least-privilege interaction with the web
  • ocap/notary.py: [no docs yet]

by Dan Connolly <dconnolly@kumc.edu> copyright (c) 2010-2013 by University of Kansas Medical Center license: Apache 2 (boilerplate in progress)

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