hh-office is a record keeping app for a small counseling practice.

by Dan Connolly, madmode

It's the Nth generation of this app:

  1. a spreadsheet and a great big table for sorting :)
  2. a filemaker db
  3. a web-hosted dabbledb app
  4. a Zoho Creator app

This is the 1st generation to be all open source, though.

It's built using xataface, a php/mysql framework:

11ec0e67be67f14cd0c49d4820ba42d5  xataface-1.3rc6.tar.gz

It also uses PyFPDF, a reporting library, for PDF reports.


Near term goals:

  • optimize entering sign-in sheets * save and add another * reduce mouse work

    • choosing clients
    • how to Save the sign-in sheet with the keyboard?
    • tabbing between fields in general
data cleanup:
  • be more rigorous about time? time interval? start/end time?

In progress:

  • integrate insurance billing