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The default branch has multiple heads

<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- -*- nxml -*- -->
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<title>Hope Harbor 30 Day by Group Skeleton</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="office.css" />

<body class="rlib medium-print portrait">
<h1 class="ReportHeader reversed">Hope Harbor</h1>
<h2 class="PageHeader">
  <span class="literal"
	>30 Day Attendance by Group</span>
  <span class="literal blank">0.........0.........0.........0</span>
  <span class="field" title="date()">mm/dd/yyyy</span>
  <span class="literal blank">          </span>
  <span class="literal">pg. </span>
  <span class="field" title="r.pageno">##</span>

<table class="Breaks">
  <tr id="per_group">
    <th id="group_id" title="group_name" align="left" class="field"
	>Group X..0.........0.........0</th>
<tbody><tr><td colspan="9">

<table class="Detail">
      <th align="left">Client</th>
      <th align="right">Recent</th>
      <th align="right">Charges</th>
      <th align="right">Client Pd</th>
      <th align="right">Ins. Pd</th>
      <th align="right">Due</th>
      <th align="left"> </th>
      <th align="left">Disch.</th>
      <th align="left">Officer(s)</th>

      <td id="client_id" title="client_name" align="left" class="field"
	  >Barnet-Sanchez, Michelle </td>
      <td title="format(stod(recent), '!@%e %b%y')" align="right"
	  >|&#160;01 Nov12</td>
      <td title="val(charges)" align="right"
	  >  1000</td>
      <td title="val(client_paid)" align="right"
	  >  1000</td>
      <td title="val(insurance_paid)" align="right"
	  >  1000</td>
      <td title="val(balance)" align="right"
	  >  1000</td>
      <td title="discharge_status" align="right">  </td>
      <td title="iif(discharge_date &gt; '', format(stod(discharge_date), '!@%e %b%y'), '')">03 Nov12</td>
      <td title="officer_names" align="left"


<hr />

<pre><code class="query">
select t.group_id, t.group_name, t.client_name
  , c.recent
  , c.charges, c.client_paid, c.insurance_paid, c.balance
  , case when o2.name is null
    then o.name
    else concat(o.name, '/', o2.name)
    end officer_names
  , disch.session_date discharge_date
  , disch.discharge_status
from (
select a.group_id, a.group_name, a.client_id, a.client_name
from Attendance a
join `Group` g on g.id = a.group_id
where a.session_date > adddate(current_timestamp, interval - 30 day)
and g.evaluation = 0
and g.name not like '%Education%'
and g.name not like 'Substance Abuse Ed%'
and g.name not like 'Financial Crimes Ed%'
and g.name not like 'CWIP%'
group by a.group_id, a.group_name, a.client_id, a.client_name
) t
join Client c on c.id = t.client_id
left join Officer o on c.officer_id = o.id
left join Officer o2 on c.officer2_id = o2.id
left join (
 select s.Group_id, v.Client_id, s.session_date, v.discharge_status
 from Visit v
 join `Session` s on v.Session_id = s.id
 where v.discharge_status is not null
 and s.session_date > adddate(current_timestamp, interval - 30 day)
) disch on disch.Group_id = t.group_id
       and disch.Client_id = t.client_id
order by t.group_name, t.client_name