metamath-tools -- toward a metamath parser, proof checker in scala

Metamath, by Norman Megill, is "a tiny language that can express theorems in abstract mathematics, accompanied by proofs that can be verified by a computer program."

The language is accompanied by a proof checker and a growing database of thousands of proved theorems covering conventional results in logic, set theory, number theory, group theory, algebra, analysis, and topology.

I don't recall exactly what motivated me to start a scala implementation. One idea:

  • proof assistant using angular.js

Performance of the scala implementation was pretty bad; as I recall, it took about 20 minutes to parse what the original C version parses in a few seconds.

I'm picking up the project again since discovering rust.


Dev Tools, Reference

Origins: Typesafe Stack scaffold


TODO: find out where this came from

A sample for the Typesafe Stack (

Scala sample project using Scala and SBT.

To run and test it use SBT invoke: 'sbt run'