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''' -- backup drupal blog

goal: convert to hAtom


$result = xmlrpc(''...)
xmlrpc | Drupal API

Example: Accessing a service from Python |


import sys
import pprint
import xmlrpclib
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape as xmlchars

def main(argv, u='connolly', blogid='2',
    pw = argv[1]

    b = DrupalBlog(addr, blogid, u, pw)

    posts = b.list_posts()

    print "<!DOCTYPE html><html>"
    print "<head><meta charset='utf-8'><title>blog title?</title></head>"
    print "<body>"

    print "<div><h2>Table of Contents</h2>"
    print "<ul>"
    for entry in posts:
        print "<li>", cite(entry).encode('utf-8'), "</li>"
    print "</ul>"
    print "</div>"

    print "<div><h2>Full Text</h2>"
    for entry in posts:
        print >> sys.stderr, "getting", entry['postid'], entry['title']
            e = b.get_post(entry['postid'])
        except ValueError:
            print >> sys.stderr, "ValueError!"

        print hentry(e).encode('utf-8')
    print "</div>"

    print "</body></html>"

class DrupalBlog(object):
    def __init__(self, addr, blogid, u, p):
        self._s = xmlrpclib.Server(addr)
        self._u = u
        self._p = p
        self._blogid = blogid

    def list_posts(self, qty=1000):
                                              self._u, self._p, qty)

    def get_post(self, postid):
        return self._s.metaWeblog.getPost(postid, self._u, self._p)

def cite(entry):
    template = '''
        <cite class="entry-title">
          <a href="#post_%(postid)s">%(title)s</a>
        <br /><em class="published">%(dateCreated)s</em> by
        <strong class="author">%(userid)s</strong>
    return template % _xmlvals(entry)

def _xmlvals(entry):
    return dict([(k, xmlchars(unicode(v)))
                 for k, v in entry.iteritems()])
def hentry(entry):
    template = '''
      <div class="hentry" id="post_%(postid)s">
        <h3 class="entry-title">%(title)s</h3>
        <a rel="bookmark" class="published" href="%(permaLink)s"
        >%(dateCreated)s</a> by <strong class="author">%(userid)s</strong>
        <div class="entry=content">

    content = entry['content']
    if int(entry.get('mt_convert_breaks', 0)) == 1:
        content = '<br />'.join(content.split("\r\n")) #  todo: optional \r
    # um... what are the other convert_breaks values?
    # I think 4 = raw HTML
    # the other one that I used is 3. what is it?

    return template % dict(dict(_xmlvals(entry)),

def _api(p, u='connolly'):
    s = xmlrpclib.Server("")
    methods = s.system.listMethods()
    print methods
    for m in methods:
        if not m.startswith('system.'):
            print m, s.system.methodHelp(m)
            print m, s.system.methodSignature(m)

if __name__ == '__main__':