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clean up some leftover splits

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File mint_match.sql

  tx_guid varchar(32) not null,
  post_date timestamp not null,
  ddelta int not null,
- txtscore int not null,
  id int not null,
  children int,
  date date not null,
  category varchar(80) not null,
  cat_guid varchar(32) not null,
  account_guid varchar(32) not null,
- cat_split_guid varchar(32)
+ cat_split_guid varchar(32),
+ txtscore int not null
 create index mgm_id on mint_gc_matches (id);
 create index mgm_guid on mint_gc_matches (guid);
 /* Of the remaining dups, this shows any ambiguities in the resulting categories.
  * None. Yay. */
-select count(*), id from (
+select qty, mx.* from (
+select count(*) qty, id from (
   select distinct id, category from (
     -- This subquery lets you eyeball the few remaining dups.
     select qty, id_check, category cat_check, mm.* from (
     order by dup_details
   ) x
 group by id
-having count(*) > 1;
+having count(*) > 1) dups
+join minttrx mx on =;
+/* ew... where did these come from?
+   Ah... found it. */
+delete mm from mint_gc_matches mm
+join (
+select mm.*
+from mint_gc_matches mm
+left join minttrx mx on =
+where is null
+) bad on and bad.guid=mm.guid;
 -- TODO: fix 'Dave & Buster''s'
 -- TODO: update tx.description using full ofx memo
      , cat.guid cat_guid
      , mmp.account_guid
      , replace(uuid(), '-', '') cat_split_guid
+     , mmp.txtscore
 from mint_gc_matches mmp
 join minttrx mxch on mxch.parent =
 join accounts cat on cat.code = mxch.categoryId
 left join mint_gc_matches done on =
 where is null;
 /* And now the moment we've all been waiting for...
 what are we about to update?*/
 select ocat, mm.category, mm.* from mint_gc_matches mm
 join splits cat_split on mm.cat_split_guid = cat_split.guid
 join accounts cat on cat.guid = cat_split.account_guid
 where cat.account_type in ('CASH', 'INCOME', 'EXPENSE') -- leave transfers alone
- and cat_split.account_guid != mm.cat_guid;
+ and cat_split.account_guid != mm.cat_guid
+and mm.children is null;
 update splits cat_split
 join mint_gc_matches mm on mm.cat_split_guid = cat_split.guid
 set cat_split.account_guid = mm.cat_guid,
     cat_split.memo = mx.note
     -- todo: labels
-where cat.account_type in ('CASH', 'INCOME', 'EXPENSE');
+where cat.account_type in ('CASH', 'INCOME', 'EXPENSE')
+and mm.children is null;
 /* replace splits for 1-N split case */
--- clean up from previous algorithm
+/*clean up from previous algorithm
 delete from splits where guid in (
 -- select * from tx_desc where guid in (
 select q1.guid from (
 join mintmatch mm on mm.cat_split_guid = spd.guid
 where mm.split_qty > 1) q1);
 -- 244 rows affected
-delete splits from splits
+update splits
+-- select *
 join mint_gc_matches mmp on mmp.cat_split_guid = splits.guid
 join minttrx mxp on =
+set value_num = 0, quantity_num=0
 where mxp.children is not null;
 -- 123 rows affected
 insert into splits
 select mm.cat_split_guid guid
-     , tx.guid tx_guid
+     , mm.tx_guid
      , mm.cat_guid account_guid
      , mx.note memo
      , '' action
      , null lot_guid
 --   ,, mm.post_date, mx.description,mx.category, mx.account_name
 from mint_gc_matches mm
-join splits s on mm.guid = s.guid join transactions tx on tx.guid = s.tx_guid -- TODO: include tx_guid in mint_gc_matches
 join minttrx mx on =
 left join splits done on mm.cat_split_guid = done.guid
 where mx.isChild = 1
 and done.guid is null
 order by mm.post_date;
+/* clean up leftovers from earlier split inserts. */
+delete bad
+-- select *
+from splits bad
+join mint_gc_matches mm on bad.tx_guid = mm.tx_guid
+ and bad.account_guid = mm.cat_guid
+ and bad.value_num = -100 * mm.amount
+left join mint_gc_matches done
+on done.cat_split_guid = bad.guid
+where done.guid is null
+select * from tx_split_detail td
+left join mint_gc_matches mm on mm.cat_split_guid = td.split_guid
+ where td.memo='tool bandit';
 /*TODO: clean up transaction descriptions */
 update transactions tx
 join mint_gc_matches mm on mm.tx_guid = tx.guid