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promote split matches from info to warning, since they're not yet fully handled

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     engine.execute('drop table if exists splitmatch')
         create table splitmatch as
-        select sp.guid split_guid
+        select, tx.post_date
+             , sp.quantity_num, mtx.amount_num, mtx.category
              , mint_tx_id
-             ,, tx.post_date, sp.quantity_num
-             , mtx.amount_num, mtx.category
+             , sp.guid split_guid
+             , tx.guid tx_guid
         from (
           select, mtx.date_yymm, mtx.account, sum(mtx.amount_num) tot
           from minttrx mtx
          and mtx.isChild = 1
     ans = engine.execute('''select * from splitmatch order by post_date''')
-'split matches: %s', pprint.pformat(ans.fetchall()))
+    log.warn('split matches:\n%s', pprint.pformat(ans.fetchall()))
     ans = engine.execute(
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