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Dan Connolly
mint_re_export view is mostly working
Dan Connolly
merge in mint account hierarchy
Dan Connolly
update descriptions, memos; avoid subqueries in mint export view
Dan Connolly
merge split transactions from mint into gnucash/OFX
Dan Connolly
updated OFX checking account data w.r.t. mint categorization work
Dan Connolly
more matching work
Dan Connolly
figured out how to import mint accounts into gnucash DB
Dan Connolly
mint matching; excluded categories
Dan Connolly
trx_exp builds a mysql table from mint export
let JSON wrap by using code rather than pre
fix date formatting etc.
convert to ledger format without using beancount code
mkledger conversion from quicken dump report to ledger starting to work
trx_explore todo/notes
promote split matches from info to warning, since they're not yet fully handled
updating splits executed
matching worked for 100 transactions (warnings/logging tamed)
fix date parsing/matching
split matching SQL seems to work
match based on date rather than description
matching works in a few cases
stored mint labels in normalized form
inserting transactions into minttrx working
created SqlAlchemy object from JSON data
explore gnucash sqlite file
exploring transactions and labels
trx_explore -- pretty print transaction data
JSON dump of Mint transaction data
got access to the transaction data
back to bookmarklet approach for trx export with ids
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