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finjax -- web app access to gnucash financial data

Support for SQL storage in GnuCash__ 2.4.10 allows reuse of the data
using Web technologies, without extensive study of the GnuCash source
code (which is upwards of 10MB, compressed).


Pyramid__ is "a small, fast, down-to-earth Python web application
development framework." Building a RESTful JSON API to the GnuCash
data is straightforward using SQLAlchemy__ SQL toolkit, which is
conveniently packaged in the `alchemy` scaffold__.


Building a browser interface to the JSON data is straightforward
with AngularJS__, a JavaScript framework with two-way databinding,


Getting Started

- cd <directory containing this file>

- `$venv/bin/python develop` to install dependencies
  in your development environment.

- `$venv/bin/populate_finjax development.ini` to initialize
  the database. *I think this is not quite right.*

- `$venv/bin/pserve development.ini` to start the server;
  it prints a web address at start-up; point your browser there.