React bindings for

This is a sample project that demonstrate how to write code that works with React.

Full details of the code may be found in my blog post React (and Flux) with

Update (6th November 2015): This has been updated to work with React 0.14 and has introduced a new StatelessComponent class and a way to call SetState on the Component class. The blog post linked above is now out of date - but a new one is coming soon!

Update (10th December 2015): I've moved the main bindings into a separate repo ( that may be installed through NuGet ("Bridge.React"). At some point I will update this example solution to pull in the bindings from NuGet to avoid the code duplication of having older binding code here. More information may be found at React (and Flux) with - Redux.

Update (18th February 2016): I've updated this project so that it's now a simple example of how to use the React bindings available in the Bridge.React NuGet package (source on GitHub).