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+This branch represents an unofficial patched version of the Growl
+1.2.x sources taken from the last available public source tree. (It
+was forked from the maintenance-1.2 branch. The "default" branch seems
+to be old and crusty.)
+It builds cleanly under XCode 4.1 -- as set up, it constructs binaries
+that run only under Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion".
+It also incorporates a patch for, which otherwise
+crashes on Lion if your WiFi adapter changes state.
+None of this work is official, it is not endorsed by the
+folks, it is not guaranteed to work at all.
+0) You need XCode 4.1 installed
+1) Clone the repository.
+2) type "./" in the top directory. Better yet, do
+   "./ >/tmp/log 2>&1" and make sure when it is done that
+   /tmp/log contains no "BUILD FAILED" lines.
+3) A zip file of the growl preferences will be in
+     build/Release/
+   To install it by hand (yes, this is cheesy)....
+     a) Make sure you have no other version of growl (like 1.3 or 1.2.2)
+        installed.
+     b) cd to ~/Library/PreferencePanes and unzip the thing there.
+4) .app files for HardwareGrowler, GrowlTunes, etc, are in
+   Extras/HardwareGrowler/build/Release (and the like named
+   directories for the other "Extras".) I haven't tested these well AT
+   ALL -- HardwareGrowler seems to work, GrowlTunes seems to work, I
+   haven't tested the others AT ALL.
+Patches to automate creating a release are of course welcome -- there
+is some existing release automation there but it doesn't seem to be
+"press one button" automatic, which it could be. (If I end up doing
+this too often I'll do that, or more likely, I'll just wait until
+someone else gets frustrated and does it.)