Sublime-Text-2 ============== Currently I just released my first Color Scheme. Please notice, that is my very first work. Feedback is always welcome. You can even fork this and improve it your way. Feel free. # Screens ![Example 1]( "Example 1 with HTML, CSS and PHP.") ![Example 2]( "Example 2 with HTML, CSS and PHP.") ![Example Diff]( "Example 3 with Diff.") # Supported Currently tested / supported: - Languages - HTML - CSS - XML - JavaScript (not well done) - TypoScript (not well done) - JSON (not well done) - PHP - PHPDoc - Markdown - Markup - Diff - Plugins - SublimeLinter - Bracket Highlighter - Shell command output - PlainTasks (not well done, just initial) - QuickCal ( - Core - Find in Files Result # Installation After "installing" the scheme, you have to configure Sublime Text to use this scheme: "color_scheme": "Packages/color-scheme-nice-blue-soda/Nice Blue Soda.tmTheme", ## Unix like systems The CLI way cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Package hg clone ssh:// ## Mac The CLI way cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages hg clone ssh:// As a GUI for Mac you can use the nice and free [SourceTree][]. ## Windows On Windows you can do the same way as for Unix. As a GUI for Windows you can use the free [TortoiseHg][]. ## PlainTasks PlainTasks plugin has it's own Color Scheme. But you can change the file to use inside the settings. Just add this to the plugin settings: "color_scheme": "Packages/color-scheme-nice-blue-soda/Nice Blue Soda.tmTheme", # Additions Works very well with the nice [Sublime Text 2]( Theme [Soda Dark]( (used for the Screens too).