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I try to add multiple files before a commit. The only way I found is to go on every file and add it with the command "Add current file".

I tried the command "Choose file to add" but nothing is displayed... May be I missed something But I don't find any documentation about this "feature".


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  1. goblingood

    Quick fix:

    # HG changeset patch
    # User AB
    # Date 1375901385 -14400
    #      Wed Aug 07 22:49:45 2013 +0400
    # Node ID aada231e40beccb4bbe974cb65d764977a51d77f
    # Parent  8202212c6fd2ed81bf44b5fa931f8269efb133c5
    fix issue #3
    diff -r 8202212c6fd2 -r aada231e40be
    --- a/ Sun Aug 04 20:40:12 2013 +0400
    +++ b/ Wed Aug 07 22:49:45 2013 +0400
    @@ -316,7 +316,7 @@
     class HgAddChoiceCommand(HgStatusCommand):
         def status_filter(self, item):
    -        return not item[1].isspace()
    +        return item[0] == '?'
         def panel_followup(self, picked_file):
             self.run_command([get_hg(self.view), 'add', picked_file], working_dir=hg_root(self.get_file_location()))
  2. Daniel Siepmann repo owner

    There is already the "addremove" this command will add all unknown files and remove all missing files. It's build inside Mercurial and the Package.

    Currently there is no solution for adding or comitting multiple selected files at once.

    But I'll add this possibility, and the opposite (remove by choice) in a minute.

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