Can't be installed via Package Control in ST2?

Issue #5 wontfix
Paul Bissex
created an issue

I've been happily using this package for a while, then noticed that Package Control was suggesting I upgraded from version "unknown" to the latest. It appeared to succeed, but the package remained in the list of packages with available upgrades.

I removed the package (using PC) and reinstalled (using PC). Again, PC reported success but the package was not actually available.

I notice you don't mention Package Control in your install instructions. Is there a known problem?

(I'm falling back to hg4subl for now, which is working fine, but wanted to let you know about this.)

ST version 2.0.2, Package Control v2.0.0, OS X

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  1. Daniel Siepmann repo owner

    Support for ST2 was dropped, you still can install ist on your own using the latest compatible version.

    ST3 is very stable and a nice improvement. Perhaps you give it a try and upgrade to ST3? The package is available for ST3 via Package Control.

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