Thomas Waldmann committed 249b790

fix some pep8 issues, remove the fixed files from pep8 checker's exlusion list

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     WSGI Middleware for running WSGI apps behind proxies.
     Analyzes HTTP-X-Forwarded-For header and uses the address our outermost
     trusted proxy is seeing as REMOTE_ADDR.
  *.py E501  # maximum line length (default 79 chars)
  *.py W391  # trailing blank line(s) at EOF. ALL  # 3rd party (and not in the repo): rietveld upload tool
  wikiconfig_*.py ALL  # local stuff, not in the repo
- contrib/wsgi/ ALL  # TODO
  docs/ ALL  # sphinx stuff, automatically generated, don't check this
  MoinMoin/util/ ALL  # 3rd party stuff, don't check this
-    dependency_links = [
+    dependency_links=[
         # fixed flask-themes, 0.1.3 does not work for flask 0.8.x, thus we use a faked
     # optional features and their list of requirements
-    extras_require = {
+    extras_require={
         #'featurename': ["req1", "req2", ],
         'pil': ["PIL"], # used by image get for scaling/rotating/etc.
                         # PIL is a binary dependency and some features of it
         'openid': ["python-openid>=2.2.4"], # used by openid rp auth
         'sqla': ["sqlalchemy>=0.7.1"], # used by sqla store
-    entry_points = dict(
-        console_scripts = ['moin = MoinMoin.script:main'],
+    entry_points=dict(
+        console_scripts=['moin = MoinMoin.script:main'],
     # stuff for babel:
-    message_extractors = {
+    message_extractors={
         '': [
             ('MoinMoin/templates/**.html', 'jinja2', None),
             ('MoinMoin/apps/**/templates/**.html', 'jinja2', None),
     # setup static files' serving:
     serve_files = dict(
-        docs = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'docs', '_build', 'html'),  # html docs made by sphinx
+        docs=os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'docs', '_build', 'html'),  # html docs made by sphinx
     # see for infos about xstatic:
     from xstatic.main import XStatic
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