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make test (new make target plus testing docs update)

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 	python build
+	py.test --pep8 -rs
 dist: clean-devwiki
 	python sdist

File docs/devel/development.rst

 To run the tests, activate your virtual env and invoke py.test from the
 toplevel directory::
-    py.test  # runs all tests
+    make test  # easiest way (all tests, pep8, skipped info)
+    py.test --pep8  # runs all tests, including pep8 checks
     py.test -rs  # runs all tests and outputs infos about skipped tests
     py.test -k somekeyword  # just run the tests matching somekeyword
+    py.test --pep8 -k pep8  # runs only pep8 checks
     py.test  # just run the tests contained in
 Tests output
 Writing tests with `py.test` is easy and has little overhead. You basically just
 use `assert` statements.
-For more information, please read - but keep in
-mind that we currently still use **py.test 1.3.4**.
+For more information, please read: