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File doc/config.rst

    Directories in which to search for additional message catalogs (see
    :confval:`language`), relative to the source directory.  The directories on
    this path are searched by the standard :mod:`gettext` module.
    Internal messages are fetched from a text domain of ``sphinx``; so if you
    add the directory :file:`./locale` to this settting, the message catalogs
    (compiled from ``.po`` format using :program:`msgfmt`) must be in

File doc/intl.rst

 They can be delivered to translators which will transform them to ``.po`` files
 --- so called **message catalogs** --- containing a mapping from the original
-messages to foreign-language strings.  
+messages to foreign-language strings.
 Gettext compiles them into a binary format known as **binary catalogs** through
 :program:`msgfmt` for efficiency reasons.  If you make these files discoverable