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Georg Brandl  committed 6aa428b

Add skip_if and skip_unless test decorators.

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File tests/util.py

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 from path import path
-from nose import tools
+from nose import tools, SkipTest
 __all__ = [
-    'raises', 'raises_msg', 'Struct',
+    'raises', 'raises_msg', 'skip_if', 'skip_unless', 'Struct',
     'ListOutput', 'TestApp', 'with_app', 'gen_with_app',
     'path', 'with_tempdir', 'write_file',
     'sprint', 'remove_unicode_literals',
         raise AssertionError('%s did not raise %s' %
                              (func.__name__, _excstr(exc)))
+def skip_if(condition, msg=None):
+    """Decorator to skip test if condition is true."""
+    def deco(test):
+        @tools.make_decorator(test)
+        def skipper(*args, **kwds):
+            if condition:
+                raise SkipTest(msg or 'conditional skip')
+            return test(*args, **kwds)
+        return skipper
+    return deco
+def skip_unless(condition, msg=None):
+    """Decorator to skip test if condition is false."""
+    return skip_if(not condition, msg)
 class Struct(object):
     def __init__(self, **kwds):